Commercial Landscaping and Property Maintenance

Low maintenance, eye catching landscape solutions for any business, plaza or professional park.

Royalty Lawn and Landscaping offers commercial landscaping and property maintenance consultation, design and installation services tailored to meet your needs and budget. We have multiple crews available that can accomodate small to large commercial landscaping contracts. Request a comprehensive quote from our commercial landscaping specialist to find out how Royalty Lawn and Landscaping can add value to your commercial property.


Annual Maintenance

Part of keeping a compelling landscape includes pruning your trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Our staff brings years of expertise to keeping your trees healthy and thriving, replanting and replacing trees and sod when necessary, and providing the extra level of maintenance that will enhance your property enjoyment and value.  


Licensed and insured to handle property irrigation needs.  

Sod Installation

Sod installation service includes removal of old sod, sod replacement and clean-up.  

Landscape Design

Our design consultant will assist you with detailing your project plans, selecting and planting shrubs and plants, installing decorative rock, and developing ascetically pleasing surroundings to compliment your home or commercial property.  

Landscape Maintenance

Let our experts help you with maintaining your property and preserving the beauty and integrity of your landscape design. Trimming shrubbery, rotating plants, and maintaining your ground cover will keep your property looking well cared for and elegant.  

Lawn Care Maintenance

The most pleasing landscape can quickly deteriorate and be lost in unsightly overgrowth. We’ll keep your lawn mowed to the perfect height and apply the best industry standards to maximize your property and curb appeal. Whether your property needs mowing, edging, trimming, or clean up, we will use our industry experience to keep your lawn and shrubs at the optimum heights and reduce the risk of overexposure.  


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